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Our story…

When I was pregnant with my twins, I was so anxious. It is my first pregnancy and I had so many questions like, “How am I going to do it?” I turned to different mother’s groups all over the internet for advice and support. Every day, I would read posts in Facebook group (Twin Mommies) and look for answers. I also signed up with and  to guide me in my day to day pregnancy life like the fetal development, what to do and what not to do. There are a number of groups and forums that are very supportive with pregnancy and motherhood.

At approximately 8 weeks of my pregnancy, we went to see my doctor for an ultrasound. The doctor said, “OK. That’s your baby’s heartbeat. (lubdup, lubdup…) we can hear the heart beat. The doctor moved the ultrasound transducer and said, “Wait! There’s another heartbeat! You’re having twins,” she exclaimed. My husband’s face just lit up with joy. I knew he always wanted to have twins. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t explain the feelings. It was a mixed emotion of joy and anxiety.

At around 20 weeks, we went to my doctor for gender scan. Again, it was mixed emotions of excitement and fear of the unknown. My husband has been telling me a few days before the scan that he had a dream that he was driving while yelling at our twin toddlers sitting on the back seat of our car. He told me it was a boy and a girl. So I said, “Well it’s just a dream. It’s a representation of your desires.” So up we went to San Francisco for the scan and guess what?! It’s a boy and a girl! Yay!

At around 36 weeks, my doctor called me and had told me that they have to schedule a C-section because my baby girl isn’t growing in-utero as she’s supposed to. I was so afraid. What if they have to stay in the NICU for a month? I can’t imagine them with all the tubes and oxygen mask connected to their tiny little bodies. I asked the doctor if we could wait a little longer but she said no. Well, doctors know better.

Jacob and Isabelle were born at 36 weeks and 6 days.

Day 1: Jacob weighed 4 lb 5 oz, and Isabelle weighed 4 lb 2.1 oz. My husband felt so much joy. All the pain from the surgery disappeared. All I felt was pure happiness.

Day 2: The next day was different.  I felt guilty because they were so small and I blamed myself for not trying harder to gain weight. They could have been bigger if only I tried harder. I talked to other moms and they said that it’s normal to feel guilty and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

Day 3: All their newborn screenings and tests were done and I am very happy to say that they passed all the tests. Another Yay! (Good job twinkies!)

Day 4:  We were discharged from the hospital. No NICU time, No oxygen supplementation, no trips to the nursery. We are so blessed. God is so good.

TWINSFast forward….

Jacob and Isabelle are now 6 months and I am extremely happy and proud to say that what they say is really true. IT GETS BETTER. I will post on my next blog on how I survived the first 6 month. Please continue to visit my page. Thank you.



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