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Best Mother’ s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year again. Honoring Mothers. It’ s our special time. Here’s an unedited compilation of Facebook comments when I ask my Mother’s Group what they really want for Mother’ s Day.  You will be surprised! Please feel free add on the comment box and answer this question. What do you really want for Mother’ s Day?


Emely S. Maid services, steam cleaned home and a babysitter!

Daniele S. Full spa treatment and a day of no cooking or cleaning or laundry and a babysitter for the evening so mom can relax and enjoy a meal out without the kid

Nicole A. Brunch with my family, then free time to shop, go wherever I wanted to without kids or having to do chores. No cooking! Oh and I want a Fit Bit!

Erin K. An Apple Watch..but I’m a techie mom I always tell my husband let all the other women have flowers, jewelry, and spa days just buy me awesome

Ashley E. I just want a day of relaxation at a spa without having to worry about my kids, followed by an amazing steak dinner.

Nicole O. Brunch with family, a day out alone, any spa services.

Juliana E. Car detailed! Oh and Botox. I do it. I know it’s not for everyone

Melody S. A maid!

Nicole A. My car and house cleaned would be great too! These are all on my list though & even if hubby pulls another, “oh it’s Mother’s Day?” yeah…I will get all of the above!

Neida Z. Sleeping in, a maid, and a vacation.

Janette S. A visit from heaven from my baby girl…Brunch with my family n maybe something nice n kid friendly like the zoo

Maybelline R. I would like a day in Disneyland without lil ones so I can act like a kid again for just one day

Jerri S. Sleeping in. No work. Gift cards to all my favorite stores so i can shop til I drop, then a family dinner out at my favorite restaurant.

Claudia S. Sleep!! Our LO is teething so Im up every 2-3 hrs. Would love to zzzzz for 4 hrs uninterrupted.

Rebecca R. Massage! here’s actually something I really wanted but everyone kept saying I was weird. I wanted breast milk jewelry. You send them your breast milk and they make it into a piece of jewelry for you. You send in your breast milk and they add resin to it. Then they shape it into a stone. Then they put it in a necklace, ring, pendant or bracelet. I love the idea. It’s like immortalizing the bond between mother and child.

Sasha M.   Genie in a bottle.

Tanairy J.            Mani pedi

Nicole O.    Sleep in my bed without being interrupted… Snoring hubby or crying baby.

Lesley K.    A massage, a new kettle bell, a new pair of running shoes, a hair cut, someone to come organize my garage!





*Photos by Paige Marie and Eric Froehling*







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