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10 Easy Ways to Save Money.

There’s a lot of ways to save our hard- earned dollar$.We just have to practice it. Here’s a list of money-saving tips that might work for you.

  1. Make your own coffee.That will save you about $3.65 a day if you are one of those Starbucks fanatics.
  2. Make a shopping list before going to the grocery store. This will prevent you from impulse buying. Also it’ s good to compare prices from different grocery stores.
  3. Rent a movie instead of going to the movie theaters. If you are planning to see Batman vs. Superman, you might want to save $12. 25 x 2 tickets and wait until it’s available for rent with Red box video and game rental.
  4. Forget about stress- shopping. As a twin mom who works 40 or even more hours/week, I know we all need to decompress. We all have experienced a stressful day at work but instead of stress-spending, you might benefit from resting in your bedroom or the couch and read inspirational books. You can also watch Netflix or any cooking show. You may also want to work in your garden, plant your own vegetables or cook a meal. You can also take a walk to the park (exercise made fun and easy) or stroll to the beach if you are close. There are plenty of ways to de-stress.fruits
  5. Make your own meal if you can. You know how fast food or restaurant foods cost. When you have enough time, make you r food enough to last for a few days and freeze it. Ziploc is a very practical instrument to store food.
  6. Buy pre-loved items especially home decors and toys if you can. Buying used goods is not a shameful. In fact, Mr. Money Mustache advises people to buy used. His total net worth= Millions.So I trust him
  7. Don’t spend too much money when going out. Check for free events in your city or neighboring areas. There are a number of free and fun activities especially during the weekends. A list of events is readily available in the internet.
  8. Be sure to set- up automatic bill payment from your bank. This will save you from paying late payment fees. Most of us are busy with work and family that sometimes we forget about the various bills we need to take care of monthly. Avoiding late payments will help you increase your credit score too
  9. Have your own water bottle and refill at home instead of buying from vending machine or at your workplace. This will save you $2.50 per bottle.
  10. Don’t toss those coupons. Make use of the discounts. Every little thing counts. Safeway is very generous in giving out coupons for every purchase. As a matter of fact, I just saved $10 for a $30 box of Enfamil Infant. I used $5 manufacturer’s coupon from Safeway and a number of checks sent via mail by Enfamil. There are a lot of ways to register for freebies from different manufacturers especially for baby essentials. Click  here to register.


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